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It's not much of a game at this point... Also like the other commenter I didn't even notice height until I read your reply to him, you may need to change the look of the interface to make it more obvious. Or just make a ruler on the left side of every placeholder indicating height. You could maybe add width too, and perhaps make it a 3 striped block representing hair, eyes, and skin colors. 

A way to add diversity to make it feel more like a game would be to add attributes. A number 1-10 associated with things like strength, grace, senses, health, looks,  intelligence, et cetera. These numbers could just be printed on the card and go up or down like the height feature does.

Hi monsterhart,

You're absolutely correct, it's not a game. I think I will remove it from the listing as it's a bit of a waste of time at this point. I like your ideas, the ruler is pretty clever, but I doubt I will return to this project and add it. Thank you very much for trying it!

The idea is great but with the only genetic feature being skin color and the game being about making the "perfect humans" it comes off as a bit... hitlery. Add mutation, and more genetic features, please!

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Hi Thecolorthursday,

Thank you so much for trying this prototype! I understand your comment BUT skin colour is not the only thing! There's also height. Of course, that's not much but this was done for a game jam me. As I didn't have a lot of time I thought skin colour and height were the most visible and simple features. 

Hopefully I'll be able to add some more things in the future, but right now I do not have any ideas about how to make a game out of the concept of making perfect humans.

Oh oops!